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Season 3 Recommendations

All of the feedback from coaches was supportive of the suggestions that resulted from our coaches meeting last month, so I went ahead and put together a draft season schedule. This can be viewed on the team website or via Google Calendar. Let me know if you have issues viewing the schedule. Unfortunately Google makes it really hard to export a calendar to excel.

A good season practice plan takes into account lots of variables such as environmental factors, team cohesion, average skill level, race readiness, and above all maximizing FUN! With the alternating locations this season, I tried to develop some patterns that might make it easier for families to manage the schedule.

  • Practices alternate between south, north and east Tallahassee

  • Tuesday practices alternate between North and South

    • North is at Phipps Park

    • South alternates between Jack McLean Park and Munson Hills

  • Thursday practices are always East

    • At Tom Brown Park

  • All meeting areas have a restroom nearby, most have water

  • Practices are each assigned a designation: Skills, Ride, Adventure or Games

    • The practice designation is used to select the practice location

    • The designation is just a recommendation, adjust as needed

  • "Skills" and "Games" practice locations have a grass field with some elevation change

  • "Ride" practices are near single track

  • "Adventure" practices could be anywhere

A couple of things to note while reviewing this schedule.

  • Bike check will be at Epic Bikes this season

  • Two info sessions (via Zoom) one each for new and returning families

  • Preseason starts October 15 and all preseason events are on Saturday afternoons

  • Regular Season is December 1st - May 13th

  • Regular Season weekday practices are 5 - 6 until mid-February, then 5 - 7

  • Saturday practices during the colder months will start at 3pm, shifting to 10am in March

  • There are 6 league sponsored events!

    • Season Prologue - time trial for seeding

    • Four races - each with a Saturday pre-ride

    • Adventure Day - games and fun at Santos

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