First Team Meeting


  1. Introductions and team structure and goals

  2. Requirements for participation

  3. Questions and answers

Risk Management briefing.

Participating in the club will be tons of fun but that there are risks involved with the sport. We have high expectations from the student-athletes. Respect, safety and good sportsmanship are critical.  

Second meeting and follow up plan.

Collect names, student e-mail addresses, parent e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Let the riders know about the parent meeting planned and ideally the location and details (this may be given as a handout).

Parents Meeting


Introductions and experience, qualifications for working with youth (parent, CPR/First Aid, etc).


Explain why we started the team and what we hope to achieve.


Assistant coach introductions.


Describe the structure of the club, what is expected of the riders and what will be expected of the parents. Will provide this information as an informational packet that will be handed out.

Not all parents will be avid cyclists, and many may not be familiar with the sport, so we'll provide a short presentation on mountain biking. We will explain the logistics of our riding plan as well as our risk management plan


Acknowledge mountain biking has inherent risks for injury.  Also, let parents/guardians know there are many ways for them to get involved with the club.


Provide the necessary forms parents need to complete and sign before students can participate. Will collect names and contact information of the attendees so we can create an e-mail list to keep parents/guardians informed.

Equipment Check


Student athletes should bring their bikes and equipment so that we can check them out and make sure they are in good working order.

Please let us know about any required gear that the athlete does not have (mountain bike, helmet, water bottle / cage, repair kit, gloves, clear glasses).

Mechanics will be on hand to tune up bikes and any athletes that do not have bikes will ideally be matched with a bike at this time.

Coaches will check athlete's equipment and will identify any needs. Athletes that have previously indicated that they don't have certain equipment will be matched with equipment at this time.

Regular Practice Begins

December 1st, 2020 at 4:30 PM

Practice will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30. We will not have practice on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, but we will practice on the Tuesday of those weeks.


Practices will start in front of Bicycle House where the team will assemble, connect and stretch. We will use the Famu Way Extension trail to access one of several practice areas nearby. We will return to Bicycle House around 6:15 for a short reflection, then practice will be over. 


Parking is available at Bicycle House or on Famu Way. Parents and siblings are not allowed to ride with the team, but could form a separate group and as long as a reasonable distance is maintained, could recreate in the same general area where the team is practicing.

One Saturday a month, we will organize a trail ride at 9:00 AM. This ride will rotate between one of several trail complexes in the Tallahassee area. Prime candidates will be Munson Hills, JR Alford Greenway, Miccosukee Greenway and the Magnolia Trail at Tom Brown Park.


Season Calendar