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Bree Van Oss

Team Director / Head Coach

Bree is a father of two and an avid cyclist. He is excited about helping provide opportunities for young people to experience mountain biking.


Halle Van Oss

Assistant Coach

Halle is a mother of two and a clinical audiologist. She is married to the head coach and is excited about supporting the team!


Cassie McGlynn

Assistant Coach

Cassie is a mother and an avid cyclist. She is the Volunteer Director at Bicycle House.


Richard Shoop

Assistant Coach

Richard is a father and an avid cyclist. He is also a freelance writer for!


Bryon Dalton

Assistant Coach

Bryon is a father and an avid cyclist. He has previously been a coach and mentor for martial arts and church youth groups.


Melvin Jones

Assistant Coach

Melvin is a father of two and a triathlete. He has been working with kids for several years. 


Joe Williams, PHD

Assistant Coach

Joe is a father of two and an avid cyclist. He is also the IB Coordinator at James S. Rickards High school.


Marcella Polanski

Assistant Coach

Marcella is an avid cyclist and competes in several races each year. Her husband Jacob is also a coach!

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